Posts I’m most proud of

Welcome to The Third Glance! Thanks so much for stopping by. These are some posts that I am particularly proud of, either because they are well-written, or because they really embody my personal journey with Autism, or both. Usually it’s both. Please check out some of the posts below.

The Third Glance – This post was the first. It is an essay about invisible disability, passing, (anti)bullying and is a really great read. Please, if you’ve only got 10 minutes, this is the one to read. Because everyone deserves the third glance.

Words – a peek into my mind

Growing up Autistic: On Nature, Nurture, and Abuse

Things my parents did RIGHT

My Cat is my Hero

Assume Good Intentions: Autism Acceptance Month

Excuse me, my Autism is showing…

Jury Duty and Autism: How I survived jury duty

What Hugs mean to one Autistic person

Go to your room and think about what you’ve done!

Kathleen – a story of Autism Unawareness

My Diagnosis Story – Part 1: Childhood

My Diagnosis Story – Part 2: Discovery and Understanding

Autistic Childhood Anecdotes, Part 1

On (A)sexuality


Blog Reading Confessions


Foreign Language: Words are Hard – Autism and International Travel, part 4

My Hands are Echolalic

Have you met my Startle Reflex?

Processing a Sensory Overload

Solutions to my Sensory Sensitivities Series:

Socks and Autism: solutions to my sensory sensitivities, part 1

Nail Scissors and Autism: Solutions to my sensory sensitivities, Part 2

Solving the Curse of the Soggy Sandwich

An Autistic’s Holiday Survival Guide

The Gems category exists for posts I like that haven’t made the list on this page. (And usually the ones on this page, too). I try to update this page periodically, but please understand that it is perpetually out of date.

Thanks for reading!




  1. […] ‘Posts I’m most proud of‘ seems like a good place to start, but all her posts are good, and the archives are well worth a full read through. […]

  2. […] Posts I’m most proud of […]

  3. Just to let you know that some of the links above are links to the edit pages, so I can’t link direct to the posts 😦

    • Gah! Thanks for catching those. They’ve been fixed (as far as I can tell, anyway) I’m so sorry about that.

  4. […] Posts I’m most proud of […]

  5. […] Posts I’m most proud of […]

  6. […] ‘Posts I’m most proud of‘ seems like a good place to start, but all her posts are good, and the archives are well worth a full read through. […]

  7. […] definitely a review through her archives.  She has grouped some of the posts she is most proud of here; it’s worth a bookmark!  Over the next few months, her “An Autistic’s Holiday […]

  8. […] Posts I’m Most Proud Of […]

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