An Autistic’s Holiday Survival Guide

This is the table of contents for my series, “An Autistic’s Holiday Survival Guide”, a set of posts in which I share the tips and tricks I have come up with to survive and sometimes even enjoy the holiday season that can be incredibly overwhelming, miserable, and scary to me as an autistic person. Depending on what content I develop, this may eventually turn into an e-book. If you like what you see here, please consider submitting a topic, either as a comment here or to me via email – I would love for this series to be relevant to as wide a range of people as possible.  Additionally, while these are labeled as “parts” and in a numerical order, they are not in any particular order, just the order I wrote them in.

Happy Holiday Season!

An Autistic’s Holiday Survival Guide:

Part 1: Clothes

Part 2: Attending Parties

Part 3: Hosting Parties

Part 4: Food and the Family Dinner

Part 5: Gifts


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