Posted by: E (The Third Glance) | February 17, 2012

How my life is like a 5 paragraph essay

My blog has been rather dark recently, and I wanted to bring up some happier things too. While I have several posts that I’m working on, today I want to highlight a post that I wrote in early January on a concept I’ve had going around in my head for years. The piece is very short, and it is:

My Life is Like a 5 Paragraph Essay

Please go read it 🙂 It’s short, sweet, and a great peek into my mind.

Ironically, it’s one of the few pieces here that gets search engine hits. Apparently, lots of people are looking for “5 paragraph essay[s] about life” and other such nonsense.

Does anyone else have a similar experience, feeling they must explicitly justify everything they think, say, and do?



Health update for those who have been following. I’m currently down with mono, and have been highlighting some older posts that I think might be of interest while I’m recovering.

I’m starting to feel somewhat human again, finally. Dear Mono, I’m going to beat you! Even if it takes me months. At least I’m able to feel bored sometimes now. I’ve found that if I take weekends and Wednesdays off completely, I can (mostly) make it through classes the rest of the week (2-3 hours/day) Hopefully it will only continue to get better from here (famous last words). Now if only I could find a way to gain back that weight I lost. I’ve stabilized (as long as I don’t go do something silly, like try to go to more than I can handle as I did early this week, but I can’t seem to gain anything back, and the instant I try to do more, I lose again, and then the virus flares up. Vicious circle. *sigh*)


  1. I can’t describe my life as a five paragraph essay. Too much of it has been spent flying by the seat of my pants. If someone was to take a good hard look at my life, they would probably describe most of it as frivolous. I’d describe it as fun. I have no facts to support this, and no concluding paragraph. (Great. My life only takes up one paragraph.)

    • Aww, I think you have facts backing up that you’d describe your life as fun… haven’t you enjoyed it thus far? Do you have fun? What things were fun in your life that you would call up to back up the claim “my life is fun”? Besides, I’m terrible at 5-paragraph essays. It’s all a metaphor for how communication comes in many many different forms.

  2. Third Glance,

    Mono is an unspeakable drain on one’s internal resources. I have great respect for you being able to manage school, ASD and the illness. And you still post!

    The tiniest flu causes burgeoning sadness and low self esteem in me. My outlook is inexplicably glued to my present state. Thank you for continuing to post and keep us up to date with your life. you are a fine role model.

    And, I love the new avatar! Meow! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Yes, mono is miserable. However I’m doing my best not dwell. I like to smile when I’m sick – boosts endorphins = faster healing or something like that. And when people comment on my blog, it makes me smile. Selfish, maybe, but it’s nice to know that what I’ve said has meant something to someone. And posting makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, however small. So as I try to work through and around the exhaustion I’ll still be here…

  3. I fought mono for a year at about your age, too. Mostly I remember laying on a futon staring at a wall – wasn’t able to work at all. Or anything, really. Really sucked. Hang in there. Resist the urge to overdo…

  4. I like the comparison with the 5 paragraph essay. I approach most of my life in a structured way, and have memories of trying to speak with 5 paragraph structure as a kid. It never worked, though. I always got interrupted. I try it from time to time to really get my point across & it drives my husband nuts. He tells me to stop using words he doesn’t know & I think it sounds like I’m attacking because he gets defensive.

    On another note, I hope you kick that mono soon! I understand it’s the absolute pits.

  5. Sometimes I use this approach, too. But, that’s only after I get a confirmation of someone wanting to hear me, or the situation calls for it. If it’s one on one situation and people asking me a specific question, that is one situation I know I can do this because the other person should be interested in what I am saying. The latter, however, can be a little risky. So, before I think about doing this, I try to understand the context of the social situation, who I am with, etc. For example, I wouldn’t do it if I were with a group of people at a party. However, I may do it if I am with a group of friends whom I haven’t met for a long time.

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