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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today, August 17, 2012, is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Up until I adopted a black cat in September of last year, I had no idea that there was any issue with black cats. But apparently many people don’t like them, or think they bring bad luck. I learned this when my mother sent me an article a few weeks after I adopted my baby that talked about how black cats are even less likely to be adopted than most. It never even occurred to me.

My avatar is a cat. My cat, actually. He’s a beautiful, cuddly, loving, all-black 6 year old domestic short hair, who is terrified of everyone and everything. Except me. He’s the sweetest little boy in the world, and I love him to pieces. When I finally got to adopt him, he had been living in the shelter for 9 months, except for a brief stint where a family took him home and he hid under their bed and wouldn’t come out. They returned him to the shelter, to wait for another “forever home”. I chronicle our adoption story in this post (My Cat is my Hero), and if you haven’t read it already, it’s one of my favorite pieces, and definitely worth a read. When I met Midnight (the shelter named him and I decided to keep it, as unimaginative as it is, it suits him), he was alone in the shelter, terrified of everyone and everything. I wanted to adopt a cat who was between 2 and 6 years old (older, but not so old that they would be likely to pass away at the end of my thesis), but was open to pretty much anything. I wanted to be able to give a loving kitty their forever home. I found Midnight online, and met him in the shelter. I went to the shelter 3 or 4 times before I got up the courage to ask to actually interact with him or any of the other kitties there. The shelter staff were shocked when I asked to meet him, and told me they didn’t think he’d respond – he was terrified of everything they said. But I asked anyway, and I’m so glad I did. Because when I entered his area, he was scared, but he didn’t run. And within minutes, he was nuzzling, purring, and begging to be petted. Everyone was shocked. And my kitty had chosen me. I like to say that Midnight is an Autistic kitty. We were meant for each other He has extremely high anxiety, desperate need for routine, and finds socialization, except with me, extremely stressful, and loves with all his heart. You can often find him under my bed or under the couch, hiding from something or other. But when I’m around, he’s comfortable enough to come out and explore his surroundings. We sleep cuddled together every night, and I nearly always fall asleep to his purrs. He is my kitty and I am his human. I love him with all my heart.

And so today, on Black Cat Appreciation Day, I wanted to take a minute to tell our story, and share that even when you look a little bit different, or act a little bit strange, there is still a place for you in this world, and people who will love you, just how you are. And that’s what Black Cat Appreciation Day means to me. I love you, Midnight! I’m so glad I get to be your Forever Home.


Sadly, this was the only good picture I have of my kitty. Perhaps more pictures will come later, when I’m back home, cuddling my little fuzz-ball.


  1. This post made me smile and cry all at the same time! Midnight is gorgeous and I’m so glad that he found you!

    I have always personally believed that black cats are lucky and I certainly find them beautiful. Many years ago I had a black tabby named Marvin and a handsome black half-Abyssinian named Sooty. Marvin had the most adorable cat face I have ever seen, and nobody could sit down without Sooty jumping on their lap and purring all over them.

    Unfortunately I had no choice but to send my beautiful boys to the shelter because I was unable to cope with them and my disabled son (I tried for four months – I did NOT want to part with them) but they were so lovely that they found a home together within two days.

    The couple who run the guest house we stay at have two lovely black cats who are very friendly – one reminds me of Sooty, so he’s my favourite 🙂

    • Aww thanks 🙂 Black or non-black, I love cats… it honestly made no difference in my decision. (Yes, I thought Midnight was adorable, but really, the reason I took him home was because he chose me and I chose him and we make a wonderful pair.) I’m sorry your boys had to go to a new home, but it’s wonderful they were adopted so quickly into another family together. 🙂

  2. What a great post…thanks for sharing your and Midnight’s story!

  3. Black cats are my favourite. I love the story of how you and he found each other.

  4. It’s unfortunate that animal shelters have trouble adopting black cats. Your Midnight and my Starfire are such wonderful cats.

    I work at a newspaper and on at least one occasion I remember receiving a press release promoting discounted adoption fees as an enticement to adopt black cats.

    Thank you for raising awareness that there is a Black Cat Appreciation Day and thanks for sharing your experiences with Midnight.

    • I found out about the “stigma” against black kitties from a newspaper article my mom sent me about a black cat rescue group. But I would’ve adopted my Midnight even if he’d been completely white… color doesn’t matter to me. Though his beautiful black self is absolutely gorgeous and I love him for it, too. 🙂 I just wanted an excuse to tell everyone how amazing my kitty cat is. And now I have a good excuse every year. 😛 Thanks for your comment!

  5. Thanks for sharing a really lovely post.

    Here in the UK it is the opposite, black cats are seen as very lucky. I have Harry who is black and white, old and grumpy (just like me!).

    Thanks for a great blog xx

    • I think the UK has got it right. 🙂 But definitely black cats are feared in many parts of the world, sadly. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  6. I have always loved black cats. Here’s something you might like on the subject…

  7. That’s actually the most adorable story I’ve ever heard; I felt myself smiling all of the way through.

  8. Black cats rule – as my avatar will attest!

  9. Awww!

    I’ve had two black cats in my life. The first was the family cat, Kroz, who was two years older than me and whom my parents got as a 1-1/2 month old kitten from some friends. (Yes, they know that was too early a weaning. But they thought she was two months old.) She lived until days before her 19th birthday, and was an openly affectionate cat. (Although she’d scared a few people coming up to our door, because she sometimes used to climb the door and plaster herself against it – and at night, when this huge-looking black *scary* thing with bright yellow eyes is right *there*, staring at you, the instinct is to run! And one thing we found out with her – if a cat with black fur spends too much time in the sun, their fur will start to turn brown.

    The second black cat was Aspen, whom I mentioned in my previous comment. She wasn’t pure black – she had a white crescent moon on her throat and a patch of white on her lower belly. She was adorable; I got her from the Humane Society (Toronto) after Brightspot died and Mitzy needed a new companion. She was really motherly, and happily mothered Mitzy even though she was years younger. I, too, was looking for a slightly older cat at that point; Mitzy wasn’t a kitten any longer, and she didn’t act like a kitten the way Brightspot did. So I wanted a more mature cat, and I got one.

    Unfortunately, the deal with black cats exists here in Canada as well. Aspen wasn’t a problem; she was an indoor cat, and I lived in an apartment the entire time I had her. But we had to lock Kroz (and Zork and Tikky, our two white male cats, actually) up for Halloween, so they wouldn’t be grabbed by nasty folks. (And boy, was that ever *hard*!)

    I definitely don’t believe in the black cat crossing your path superstition, and think they make just as wonderful pets as any other colour of cats. Both Kroz and Aspen were wonderful companions, and I miss them still.

  10. Me too! Black cats are wonderful! I and my family have three! They are so special and gorgeous and their shiny blackness gives them a different kind of lustrous beautiful to many cats.

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