Posted by: E (The Third Glance) | May 12, 2012

Dinosaur Brownies, cooking escapades, and other musings

So I haven’t been updating my blog a lot recently. Partly because I’m still a little burned out from the flash blog, which, while an amazing experience, left me reeling for quite some time, and mostly because I’m in the middle of what we call “mocks” – when all the older students get together and give us mock oral exams. I’ve been completely immersed in school and my favorite subject in the world, and have barely stopped to breathe. Most people fail their mock. I don’t want to fail mine (ever the perfectionist), but even if I do, I want to know I’ve put everything into it that I can. Plus I have a major talk this Wednesday, and other things just keep piling up. So basically, lots going on, and very little time to breathe and sleep, much less write.

I do have a minor victory to share, though… I’m *incredibly* picky about food, especially textures – it’s a sensory thing, mostly, as far as I can tell. (Just another gift knowing about Autism has given me – I can now rationalize my food preferences and work around them, expanding my diet, and eating better.) Because of this, I rarely eat enough vegetables and fruits. I rely on multivitamins and other things to make sure my body stays at least somewhat in balance. I also have issues with eating leftovers, because I freak out if something has been in the fridge for more than 2 days, that it’s gone bad. So the other day, I noticed I had 3 things of leftovers in my fridge: chicken, rice, and broccoli. Instead of just reheating them, I made them into a giant thing of fried rice. And more than that, I liked it! I managed to survive the multiple textures (I eat things a bite at a time, so it was ok), and created a whole new meal out of things I already had. Plus, it stretched into 2 meals. I felt super accomplished, as I’ve never done anything like that before. Also, it was a recipe that I’ve never come close to before… broccoli is a completely different texture and SIZE than the frozen peas and corn I usually put in my fried rice. This is a big step for me. I’m scared to make new foods, because I don’t want to not like it. This time I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I did it anyway. And it turned out OK. So yay! 🙂 minor victories.

And lastly, the thing that has kept me sane this weekend… yesterday, a new toy of mine arrived…

And so last night, I made dinosaur brownies. And they turned out amazingly. Yummy! I have a feeling this pan will be getting lots of use in the near future. 🙂

Happy Saturday everyone!

I promise a more substantial post after Wednesday, if I’m still alive, and haven’t gone to bed to sleep for a week.


  1. Yay dinosaur brownies! And new food options.

  2. Good luck with mocks and Wednesdays talk.

  3. First of all, that is the coolest brownie pan I’ve ever seen. Second of all, I’m totally petrified of leftovers, too! Is that an Aspie thing?

    • Hehe – given our N = 2, I’d say we have an insufficient sample size to judge whether this is an aspie thing or just a human being thing… 😛 and I KNOW, RIGHT?! Dinosaurs!

      • LOL!

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