Posted by: E (The Third Glance) | April 4, 2012

A call for Autism Positivity Statements from Autistics

Hi lovely readers, A friend of mine asked me to put this up… her school’s Students with Disabilities group is putting on what looks like a great response to the school’s “Autism Awareness” tragedy week next week, calling it Autism Positivity Week. She’s soliciting quotes from Autistic individuals to use. I won’t say much more, because I’ve posted her call for submissions below, and it speaks for itself. If you are on the Autism Spectrum, and want to take a minute to help a great Autism Acceptance/Positivity project, I would be really grateful. Additionally, if you don’t want to email her (her email is in the message below), please leave a comment below or email it to me (thethirdglance [at] gmail [dot] com), and I’ll make sure it gets to her. Thanks!!!

Dear Auties, Aspies, and anyone else who identifies as being on the Autistic Spectrum,

For Autism Awareness Month, my Students with Disabilities group is putting on an Autism Positivity Week, where we do our best to myth-bust the “tragedy model” and let people know about some of the up-sides to being on the autistic spectrum. We’re not going to sugarcoat the difficulties that autistic people and their families face, but we’re going to shift the focus to celebrating neurodiversity and encouraging acceptance of individual differences.

I’m looking for some brief testimonials about how people on the spectrum can lead good and generally happy lives, go to college, have careers or hobbies they enjoy, etc.. I’d particularly like to help express the diversity of interests, activities, and lifestyles among the autistic community.

What I want from you: short statements (1-3 sentences each) telling us about one of your favorite hobbies, areas of study, special skills, and/or career/career aspirations. They do not have to be related to your autism in any way. I’d also be happy to get short statements about anything you particularly like about being autistic.

By sending in these statements, you are giving me permission to print them out and share them with the public. You will be identified only by a single first initial. Please email all entries to abailin (at) ucsd (dot) edu.  (Also, this event is for all ages, so as much as I’d enjoy hearing the details of your excellent love life, please send only G-rated statements). And if you use facebook, please join and spread the word about Autism Positivity Week here:

Thank you!-A.

I think this is a great response to Autism “Awareness”. I’m going to be submitting at least one sentence:

“I’m currently working on my PhD, and one day I’m going to be a Professor, so that I can do exciting research about my favorite things in the world, and share my passion for science with others.” –E


UPDATE: I discovered I have very poor spelling (highly unusual for me, but alas, see, it’s proof that I’m human!), so I fixed the title  from “statments” to “statements”. And since I am adding a bit of an edit: My friend would love for anyone who wants to to please put this letter up on their blogs/facebooks/whatever.  Please spread it far and wide – the more perspectives that come out of this, the better. So please, please share it, repost it, whatever you want. Just please use the letter in its ENTIRETY, no edits, as they are her words, and should be kept true to her voice. Thanks!!!


  1. I love this – it is so needed. The messaging about autism is so doom & gloom – no wonder people are scared of me when I tell them I’m on the spectrum. I will work on a positive statement to submit.

    • Fantastic!! I’m excited. Also, if you wanted to post the letter (unchanged) on your blog (if you think its worthwhile spreading), I think my friend would be OK with that… I’ll ask her if you are interested. Wider range of people exposed to it is good, right?

      • I would love to! I can schedule it for tomorrow. Should I wait for confirmation that your friend is OK with it?

      • Let’s wait for confirmation – I’ve asked her, but don’t want to overstep…

      • OK – I’ll wait until I hear from you

      • It’s A-OK to disseminate the letter far and wide. She is quite happy for any signal boosting that can come from this. Yay!

      • Excellent – thanks!

  2. This is awesome! I need to get some sleep before I can think of a sensible sentence or two. I may struggle with my differences, but autism has given me so many wonderful gifts and delightful new friends! I’ll share your post on FB and twitter.

    I am grateful that a campaign is underway to highlight the plus side of being wired differently! 🙂


    • Fantastic! Thanks 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing the results. 🙂

  3. I left a message for her on her facebook page. 🙂

  4. In case your friend is doing it again next month, I have one for you- “Occupational therapy might sound like a career mismatch for a lot of individuals with autism. But, I am glad that I found it with my mom’s help. Now I am a licensed occupational therapist who is thriving in this field and my voice for autism is getting heard loud and clear in the occupational therapy world.”

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