Posted by: E (The Third Glance) | April 2, 2012

April Fools Day and Autistic April

I know it’s a little late for April Fools Day posts, and since it’s April and Autism Acceptance Month, I will be doing some posts on that. But for now, a little story of one of my earliest April Fools Days.

When I was in kindergarten, my parents introduced me to the concept of “April Fools Day” and the idea that this was a time when people played silly tricks on each other. They did little things like hide things from me, or put things out of place. They warned me ahead of time (how kind!) that they were going to do little things and that I should look for the pranks. So naturally, when I got to kindergarten class that morning, during the “free play” time when everyone was off on their own, playing and waiting for class to officially start for the day, I decided I wanted to play a little April Fools Day joke of my own. I decided that I would hide by where we started each day with “circle time” then say “April Fools” when the teacher got close. So I crouched behind an easel, and waited. Then circle time came, and my teacher came close, and said “Where’s E?” so I came out from the easel and said “April Fools!” Sadly, she didn’t find it funny, and that stands out as the first and only time I got punished in kindergarten. I was made to sit on my own at a desk in “time out”. Talk about dwelling on negatives, it’s one of my strongest memories from that year… Sadly, I never really got the hang of the whole April Fools Day jokes, but alas. I do find them amusing, as long as they don’t hit my startle reflex too much. What are your favorite April Fools Day pranks?! I’d love to hear them. Even if I’m not good at doing them myself, I love learning about people’s fun.

So, happy April everyone! I hope you weathered your April Fools Days and the first days of Autistic April (don’t you like that phrase better?) There will be a more substantial post in a few days, but I wanted to put something up to let you know I’m still here. I’ll be guest-posting on a couple of blogs this month, and have a bunch of far more substantial posts coming too. Happy April!



  1. Hi E. Not sure why I thought you were “camping” but that’s what was in my mind when I saw your post just now – “Oh, it’s E.! She came back from camping. I hope she had fun!!” So if you weren’t camping, I apologize and I still hope you had fun!
    As far as April Fool’s jokes, I’m not very good with jokes in general, ask Richard! I never “get” them and always need to have them explained to me, which kind of ruins them. Even my son rolls his eyes whenever a joke has been told and I sit there with a blank expression on my face. April Fool’s is a little better as jokes go, as there usually isn’t a great deal to “get”, still I often feel as though I’ve “missed” the humor.

    I loved the image of you hiding though and then popping out and I really don’t understand why you were punished. It seemed like such a wonderfully playful and fun way to celebrate April Fools. None of us played any April Fools jokes on each other this year. Come to think of it, I don’t know that we ever have, I’ll have to ask Richard to verify.

    Richard does this thing where we will be late for something and he’ll say – “Did you bring the ticket?” To which I’ll say in a panic, “No! I thought you had the tickets!!” Then he’ll laugh and produce the tickets. Now I’ve caught on and we do this to each other. I think it’s funnier when I scare him than when he scares me though.

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 Yes, I went camping 2 days ago, then had a really long day at work yesterday – I’ve been catching up on my internet reading – lots to catch up on, but I’m almost there. Hopefully soon there will be substantial content. 🙂

  2. I really like “Autistic April”! That has a sweet ring to it. My hubby(undiag aspie) played a prank on my son. He chewed several charcoal tablets and gave our boy a toothy grin.

    Absolutely horrified my son! I think I’ve played like, one prank in my life. I never seem to get it right!

    Looking forward to more posts! 🙂


  3. Last year, Nominatissima and I staged an elaborate public break-up on facebook, in which she announced her intention to raise money by working in a strip-club, and I wildly overreactted. It was a tad melodramatic, but some people bought into it.

    • I do believe that last year, she also posted a very terrifying post to her blog that staged a break-up with you… and of course, I bought it completely and was super duper unhappy for her. Then she said “April Fools”.

  4. I like “Autistic April”. Has a nice ring to it!

    I am awful at April Fool’s jokes….so I usually don’t play them.

  5. Oh man, E!! I was a primary teacher and I can’t imagine not thinking that was funny. I am glad you are still giving pranking a chance!
    My boy H was much more into April Fool’s day than kicking off “Autistic April” with any great enthusiasm. I helped him pull a prank on the amazing Craig (H’s also autistic dad) – but I secretly warned him ahead so he could give the big reaction but not actually be freaked out.
    And… Yes… I am learning!! And I love LOVE “Autistic April”
    Here is a link to the post as it seems to be related to yours E:

  6. I can’t understand either why that kindergarten teacher didn’t like (or at least tolerate/humor) that April fool’s joke. Hiding and popping out in surprise seems like a perfectly fine joke to me, especially at the Kindergarten level.

  7. I’m a teacher. I would have laughed. I think she was humor-challenged.

    Three years ago, on March 31st, I was hoping so much that my child would not be born on April Fools Day. He was born 3/31/09 at 9:21 p.m. And I’m glad. Having ASD, I would hate for him to have to navigate the oddness that is April Fools Day – on his birthday!

  8. This story breaks my heart, E! I hate to see kindergartners punished at all – I feel like there’s always a misunderstanding that could be better solved with some communication.

    My favorite April Fool’s joke happened the other day. My 6-year-old (Little Yoda) covered the toilet bowl with Saran Wrap. Then he forgot about it & went to the bathroom on it. LOL! What a mess. The good news is, I was on my way out so I got out of cleaning it 🙂

  9. I was never the pranking type! I was usually the fool and boy was I ever gullible!!!! I haven’t taught Little Man about April Fools yet. I am worried he will get in trouble! I am sorry that teacher was not very nice! I hope I never behave like that to a child that is trying to be funny in a non harmful way!

  10. I personally didn’t know about it until I came to the US as an 11 year old. For me, especially because I have a nice guy image towards girls, I simply rarely play tricks with them, if at all. Some girls might find me boring. But, some girls see the value of a guy like me because they can count on me being loyal to them… and they will respect my opinion if they want me to be straight up in telling them what I think.

  11. Hi, I just found this post. I’m glad you like April Fools. I don’t. The whole point seems to be to laugh at people for trusting you. I’d much rather there be an April Joke Day or something.

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