Posted by: E (The Third Glance) | February 11, 2012

A peek into my mind: Words

Today I’d like to bring forward a post I wrote on an airplane traveling back from a “family visit” this holiday season. It’s an essay that seems to have resonated with a lot of people, and I would like to reintroduce it. It is a peek into how my mind works.


Every time I say something in a conversation with more than 2 or 3 other people present, this is what it takes. Processing communication is a major challenge for me, especially when there’s multiple people and other distractions around. It often feels like my brain is working much faster than anyone else’s brains, just to keep up.

A blog I read, Inner Aspie, recently wrote a piece called “Inner Speech, do you have it?” – I don’t know if this constitutes “inner speech” as was defined by the article she was discussing, but it certainly is an inner monologue of sorts. Does anyone else have this as well?

And I’ll end with the most important message from the piece:

I’ve put so much thought and effort into these Words, is it any small wonder that when I finally have something to say, I want to make it heard?

So please, go take a look at Words.


  1. Inner Speech. All the time. Even when I’m alone!

  2. There is non-stop chatter in my head. It can even deprive me of sleep!

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